The Monster is here!

Say hello to our new GM, Monster. He's gonna help you guys around the server while I'm not here.

Make sure to inform him of any issues that you may have so that we can fix them together.

In other news, the vote buff is now unlimited! Vote and get extra attack speed, casting speed, as well as damage and debuff resistance.

Intention, admin and developer.

The Forum is back.

The forum is back active, and please, please, read the comment about the admin position (click). I really don't have time to enforce rules on the server, but I need someone to actually be there and do it.

Someone who enjoys Lineage, and wants to make something great out of a server.

I'm really busy with work and other projects, but hopefully together we will be able to work on what I've built here and make it grow into something even more awesome.

Sincerely, Intention, admin and developer.

Be the first to be reborn

Reach 80 and start over, stronger than before.

Our system makes use of this to reward the most active and loyal players.

We have over 8 years experience in playing Lineage 2, all the way since back in late 2004. We learned. We grew. We got the knowledge to own a server. We understand how players need to be acknowledged. Players need to show their strength. That is why we will always make the server in the interest of our players. Come see more by joining us now!

All but ready to launch

The server is now ready. Are you?

While we try not to get carried away with this announcement, it is fair to say that we believe our server has what it takes to start kicking it.

So... welcome to our server. Please enjoy your stay! Check out our server info for all the details first!

Currently under construction

Hello. Our server is currently in test mode. A lot of the features, new and old, will be getting updated a lot in the next few days. Please join us and take part in the creation of the great awesomeness.


First days of the server - anyone here? Apparently not? Time to start working...

Server status:

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